By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern, March 28, 2014

After lunch I needed to grab a quick shower before hanging out with the kids. They were running to me when I walked out of Josiahs house to head to mine. I used the universal sign for shower (claw over my head movement type thing)….completely forgetting that the type of shower they were taking did not involve a claw (shower head). They all looked at me like I was an alien. So I just pointed towards my house embarrassed and then pointed back to this spot (indicating I will be right back)…that was better. So much for an universal sign!

Speaking of universal signs. You know the sign we use to indicated “ehh kind of” or “sort of” (shake our hand back and forth)….yeah here, that means “Negative” I learned that while calling attendance in class when someone was absent, all the kids would do that with their hands. Interesting.

Not sure why everyone thinks I love bread here (well I actually do) but for them to assume it, I am confused to why they do. Josiah had bread waiting for me at the house when I arrived, a couple kids brought me some rolls, and today Simon had his daughter bring me a loaf of bread as a present. Haha A little piece of home is always nice!

After worship service (every Thursday and Tuesday) I was going to go to bed…it was already 8:30 and I am always tired from the sun…but Phoebe made fun of me saying “We do not go to sleep until 10!” Okay…challenge accepted. I stayed up for a little bit longer. But I am SOOO glad I did. All the kids came and got me and we played a game for 2 hours! A game that I have never heard of…I will try to explain.

Everyone is in a circle holding hands. Two people are running around the outside of the circle holding hands. They will select a set of hands to knock apart. Once that happens they run one way and the two people that they broke apart have to run the opposite way and beat them to the spot. If they beat the original people then they keep going. If someone gets beat two times in a row, they have to go in the middle of the circle and do something embarrassing. For example: act like a model, propose to your partner, dance, and sing (they made me sing an American song…I sang Jingle Bells) & they do other things that I cannot understand Ha. I mostly just laugh! That game lasted for 2 hours, but I wouldn’t have guessed that I was having so much fun. Sometimes I wonder if I am really 23.

Three games I have taught them so far: Kickball, Hangman, and heads up 7 up! Oh and colored eggs! They love heads up 7 up!

I was sitting with the kids at the neighbors house (everyone goes from house to house whenever they please) and Simons wife brought me some french fries out. YEAH..REAL FRENCH FRIES! I almost ask for ketchup, but I contained my American side. They were so delicious! She is inviting me over for dinner tonight…I’m hoping for some more American food! Not that I don’t enjoy rice three times a day;)

Lastly, but my favorite part of today. I was getting ready in my room before class and New New Chit & Nome (two girls that follow me everywhere and greet me with hugs and kisses on the cheeks) came in my room to get me. They wanted to listen to Justin Bieber and for me to do there hair. So I did of course. Moments like this make me realize that we aren’t so different. They are just two little girls, just like the ones at home, wanting to play dress up and listen to boy bands 🙂 Ha! They make me smile!