By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar

I rode my first “city” bus a couple days ago. Okay…..lets visualize this together. Go grab a box of spaghetti….(I know you did not really do this….but just imagine it) Take 1\4 of the noodles out of the box. Shake the box around….back and forth….back and forth..

There you have it! A Burmese city bus. It was SOOO packed! And it was hot, not smelly…surprisingly. But I was standing for half the trip (35 mins) then the other half I managed to squeeze in a seat after a passenger got off. It was beyond chaotic, but quite the experience. I think I’d rather pay the 10 bucks for a taxi rather than doing that again however.

Oh and by the way….my spaghetti the other day was delicious! Just like home! I had three servings…oops 😉

And a couple blogs ago I was bragging about doing my own laundry….but in reality it is hard! And I have been putting it off for about 5 days! So you can imagine my pile up of dirty laundry. Phoebe asked me about it because they did not see my clothes hanging up lately. I admitted to my crime and she told me to bring all my clothes to her house. Ha, I was embarrassed but all the girls gladly helped me! Lazy Americans….I tell ya!