By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar
So you are wondering about the human I named huh? Yes,…he is 5 feet, 11 inches, 175 lbs, 26 years old and his name is Matthew! His real name is Ye Zaw Dew, however he wanted a bible name and asked me to pick one. I love the name Matthew, on top of having a great brother named Matthew, so it took me five seconds to think of that. Oh and he also asked me to go back to India with him where he attends graduate school…Haha my first proposal? I had to kindly deny at the moment.

Burma has been very good at reminding me of the obesity of America. 1.They have and do openly call me fat! Ha and 2. They package their crackers in packs of 3! I am a sucker for crackers and I will admit I have found my favorite kind here in Burma (that I will be stocking up on to bring home). Naturally I can eat about 20 crackers for a good snack. I think that is normal right? In America, Indiana at least, we have a box of crackers that are not packaged together, so we can grab as many as we want in one sitting. Here, however, I have to open 7 different packs of crackers to be satisfied. And if opening seven different wrappers at one time does not make you feel guilty, I don’t know what will.

Last week I had a little fit….not really a fit, but I was feeling lonely without the kids, and I have not had a real conversation in over a month. I was able to make a phone call to Mark to vent a little, and five minutes later (like I said in an earlier post) I met a girl that spoke English. HOWEVER the very next day, Josiah’s nephew (Matthew) came home for the summer from India and he speaks perfect English. He will be here until the end of May which means I have a friend to have conversations with! I think God was eavesdropping on my phone conversation…but I am not complaining. Matthew has been great company!

He also had some friends here in the village that loved playing volleyball and were actually very good…so we star ted to play some pick up games! That was a nice change for me.

A couple prayer requests: In the last two days two individuals have personally asked me to pray for them and I thought maybe you could as well!
1. Matthew is returning to India in May for graduate school and wants to become a minister. However he has to get into the program first.
2. I met a girl on the bus the other day that is a Christian however she has 0 Christian friends, they are all Buddhists. She wanted me to pray to help give her the courage to open up to her friends about God. They are older than her and she feels intimidiated!