By Aung Shine, Evangelist

Hello, I am Aung Shine. I went to Putaikgyi Christmas with Joana and other American visitors.   When I was in the village, I learned that some are very eager to know about God. So when Maeram asked me to go there again I was very happy. God is the God for every person in the world. 

 The young people who came to the seminar were very excited to learn more about God. And also why all human beings are sinners and how the devil had twisted man’s mind not to know the truth. One of the girls Moe Moe said, “I know Jesus. I worship him. But I did not understand why were we sinners. I thought I was sinless because I did not do anything wrong or any bad things. Now I know we are naturally born in sin. That is why we need to confess our sins,accept Jesus as Savior. It is wonderful thing that Jesus is preparing a big place for us.”

 I asked them if they pray every day. All the girls raised their handsand said they pray every night. Some say their parents are not so happy to here about Jesus. But they allowed their children to go to the seminar anyway.   So they pray for their parents every night that the Lord may open their hearts to see Jesus.

I am happy that I went to Putaikgyi. I feel like I met my lost family. The village people are very friendly, they welcomed me with big hearts.  I learned why the adults did not attend

Evangelist Aung Shine met with village leaders and others to discuss Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Aung Shine met with village leaders and others to discuss Jesus Christ.

the seminar — they were afraid of what others might think.  So I went to the village leader’s house where they met. I had a chance to talk with them. They were very interested in this the only true God.  If we visit them often some will accept Jesus as their Savior. That is my hope.

I like to evangelize.  I had a one day Bible study in Lapada village with Maeram. We are planning another a one day seminar in Nyaung Ywa village next month with Mearam.   (Editor’s note: Lapada and Nyaung Ywa are villages in which ACM established children’s ministries and now churches are established.)