By Samantha Allgood, ACM Intern

Tucked away in a fertile corner of Kachin State, surrounded by the green rice fields and wild water buffalo of Myanmar’s countryside, Loving Fountain Children’s Home of Asian Children’s Mission is found in the quiet town of Myitkyina, a nourishing atmosphere for Ngwa Mar Sar’s new home.  At the vital age of 11, Ngwa Mar Sar has now spent two years with her new family of fellow students and caring mentors at Loving Fountain, two years during which she has been provided with a safe environment to attend school, access to healthy food and clean water, and a caring community of Christ followers who support and encourage her in her studies, and most significantly in her faith.

“I am very happy here at the orphanage center, because here I can go to school,” says Ngwa Mar Sar, who remembers the uprooting of her village and the fight for survival prior to finding refuge in Christ at Loving Fountain.  During an outburst of fighting between the Burmese military army and the Kachin Independent Army (KIA), Ngwa Mar Sar fled along with her aunt and 30-40 villagers to the outskirts of China to escape the warfare for two weeks.  When they returned, fighting persisted and Ngwa Mar Sar’s aunt brought her to Loving Fountain to keep her safe.

Since her arrival, Ngwa Mar Sar has thrived and mentions her newfound feelings of security and joy.  She enjoys participating in nightly devotions, singing, coloring pictures, being encouraged by teachers who care for her, and playing with her friends.  All along, she is learning to take responsibility and live in a community that shares a schedule of chores, study, and fellowship.  Before each busy day begins, she prays, as soon as she awakes.

“I’m grateful because of your support'” says Ngwa Mar Sar, as she reflects upon the generosity of those providing funds for her clothing, food, shelter, and education.  But more importantly, she is thankful for what she has learned of Jesus through leaders who invest in her soul.  “Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sin.  Jesus loves me,” she says with a smile.  

In the future, Ngwa Mar Sar aspires to attend bible school and become a minister after high school examinations.  It is evident that she wants to share of the love and blessing she has been given.

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