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This is an archive of blog articles from ACM’s early years. Currently, we keep followers updated via Facebook posts — but we still wanted to keep this treasure trove of older content available (warning: its formatting may be less than ideal due to importing from an old page format).

We Met a Saint

By Doug and Linda Pettit Mae Mar Sha is in her 80's.  And she just loves missionaries. We met Mae Mar Sha, and three other members of her family at a nice restaurant in Myitkyina.   It was our understanding that they wanted to tell us about their successful amber business.  But...that subject never came up.  Instead

Meet Lydia

By Doug Pettit Lydia is from the Putao area in extreme north of Myanmar, where you can gaze on the Himalayas. It is a primary Christian region that started when missionaries came in the late 19th century. Whole households came to belief in Christ, literally duplicating Scriptures.  There are numerous accounts of " he believed

Worth It All!

By Dr, Dwain Illman There are days when we experience some victories and we say, "it is worth it all!"   My wife Marilyn told this story: I teach the techniques of rehydration, explaining the use of salt, sugar and clean water to make the oral rehydration solution (ORS).  My translator is Losanna, who also translated

Hope and FAME

By Dr, Dwain Illman Our first clinic day!  On the way, our team stopped at the World War II cemetery on our way to our first medical clinic at Hope Children’s Home.   It is hard to fathom that 26,000 allied soldiers are buried there, losing their lives in the war against Japan.    This is such


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