Learning is at the heart of ACM’s initiatives, because we believe nothing is as transformative as education. Our schools exist in a broad variety of settings, ranging from drug-infested city neighborhoods to remote regions where there are no roads. We offer high-quality instruction for pre-K through high school and beyond, focusing on women and children in underserved groups that are often desperately poor. Our teachers are well-prepared leaders whose love for Christ shines through everything they do. One of our teachers oversees several small preschools, walking over mountain paths to visit them. Another teacher takes in impoverished students so they have meals as well as an education. Still another has established a thriving children’s church with students who memorize entire books of the Bible!



We cannot deny the poverty in the communities and the strong barriers between religions in Myanmar. ACM supports six preschools in Myanmar. The schools are open to break strongholds and to live out Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it." These schools provide a loving, safe enviroment to prepare children for kindergarten and to teach these children about Jesus. Families are Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and Christian, so it is a wonderful diverse place to share about the Savior of the world. We do not always see huge conversions, but we know the seeds are planted. Our students have flourished as they enter school with such a solid start.



Ethnic teens from very remote areas travel to Leading Star to study high school subjects and prepare for the 10th grade exam. This Christian boarding school has had a history of students passing this test. This test determines if they are eligible to go to the universities. As the educational system is changing in Myanmar, the boarding school is changing to meet the needs of a 12 year education program. We are excited to see the future education successes.



ACM is providing primary education in very remote areas. Having this opportunity to learn in their early years, gives these children a brighter future and hope for a better life. Our dedicated teachers sacrifice so much to teach these children and to have an opportunity to share the gospel with the families.



Tinnman, the son of Baihum and Nangram, two of our Directors in Myanmar, is our inspiration to reach out to the thousands of children in the country with special needs. After much prayer Joshua School opened in October of 2018. The cultural belief in Myanmar is that disabilities exist because of ones past. Because of this, people young and old are ignored, banned from schools and there was no help in country. So Joshua School opened for many reasons but mainly to express God’s love and help children academically, physically, and spiritually. Our teachers continue to train in country and out. Our desire is to keep the ratio 1:2 so we can give the very best care and do God’s work with excellence!