Disasters often occur suddenly, and life is never the same again. Disasters in Myanmar include both man-made and natural catastrophes, but all have left devasted human beings in their wake.

Through great partnerships, Asian Children’s Mission has been able to help thousands of internally displaced people deal with the aftermath of disaster. We have provided rice, farm animals, building materials, toilets and more. One elderly refugee said, “I never experienced such kindness.”



Myanmar has more yearly disasters than any other country in Southeast Asia. Floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides and tsunamis are all real possibilities in this country. We at ACM knew we could not have a ministry here without some how being involved with disaster relief. In the past 13 years we have teamed up with other ministries and USA supporters to assist in many projects. Interesting that Hope Children’s Home was started after Josiah, our Director in country, went to the site of the 2008 tsunami, Nargis, and came home with over 20 children! God is always leading the way.



For more than 50 years, Myanmar has been experiencing civil unrest and the situation there has escalated this past February 2021. Some districts in Myanmar are under Martial Law, banks are closed and communication is difficult. So ACM continues to protect children and families as we hear of needs. In the past ACM has been privileged to assist in building homes and providing food for refugees from all over the country but mostly from the northern area. These IDP Camps are full of people that are afraid and hopeless. Our team has been able to give Hope, the Hope of Jesus in a fallen world. By coming along side them, with the help of supporters like IDES, we have built bamboo homes and schools and provided needed food to give them a new start in a new place. God is in the business of transforming lives!