By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar

March 28, 2014

I’ve been waiting for the perfect day to bring out the water guns I bought….not sure why, but today seemed perfect…and I was correct looking back at it now.

After breakfast I got the bag of 30 water guns out…words I can’t understand were being yelled by numerous kids…I assume it was about the guns? Ha! Anyways I passed them out (practically throwing them at kids because that was easiest in a circle of 60 hands)

Once the fight started there was no turning back…and of course I had my own gun.. I was not missing out on this.

As it went on I found out I was short a couple guns, so I had to surrender mine (which was okay- I poked a hole in my water bottle and it worked just as good!) One of the boys, David, did the same thing. His hole was bigger than mine so he got me pretty good. My competitive side came out and the cap of my water bottle was off…I found myself pouring the bottle on Davids head. The water fight was now on another level.

Buckets were being brought out…Shower tubs…and bowls from the kitchen. I kept thinking “Oooooh I hope the adults do not come out here…we will be in trouble”- but that kind of thinking is nonsense here. People are more laid back and they tend to worry about less. Once they saw our madness, they just laughed! Whew…I’m not a trouble maker!

By the time the fight was over the yard was flooded and we were all soaked. To think a little water gun fight would be so innocent HA! Needless to say, that was the best water fight I’d ever had…. & I’m excited for another.