“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” 

– Mark 10:14

Mission Statement

ACM exists to care, protect and educate the vulnerable children of Myanmar.

Values and Philosophy

We practice holistic Christian ministry where we do not make a false distinction between the spiritual and physical needs of children. Our work with children is specifically expressed through educational initiatives, orphan care, refugee relief, and community development. As a natural outgrowth of our work with children, indigenous and self-supporting community-based churches are often formed.

Why Myanmar?

In 2007, our founder was invited to enter Myanmar to teach. During her first trip to the country, she discovered three important facts:

  1. Impoverished Myanmar children were vulnerable to exploitation, especially human trafficking.
  2. Capable Christian leadership existed in the country, but were under-resourced. Christian leaders were also targets of suspicion by the government, creating a hostile atmosphere for practicing one’s faith.
  3. The military government had made Myanmar a pariah nation, and no foreign missionaries were allowed.

Our founder began to imagine a partnership: western Christians providing resources to Myanmar Christian leaders who could then more effectively serve in their own country.


In 2007, Joana Jones set out on a new adventure – teaching and travel in Myanmar. She was intrigued with their stories – stories of miracles, stories of hardship. But the stories that kept her awake at night were those of children with no parents, no schools, no hope. Although she was in the country only three weeks in that initial trip, she promised to provide the funds to open two orphanages.

Those two orphanages opened in 2008, and remain in operation today. Added to them are various schools, relief operations, community development projects and churches. ACM now supports 27 staff members in Myanmar, all of whom are native to the country, to facilitate these endeavors.

As we move forward, we will continue to care for vulnerable children, and continue to work to empower women through education. We are particularly interested in expanding vocational training for young men & women and in providing educational opportunities for differently abled children.