By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar, written on March 31, 2014

Ad Dee Che, a leader that I met last time I was here, came to visit me this morning. It was very good to see him and it was even better that he wanted to come see me! Then he invited me back to his village later this year to teach English to the kids in his orphanage. His orphanage is called Loving Fountain, and is supported by Asian Children’s Mission and is located in northern Burma near a city called Myitkyina. By the way, when people want to make plans with you here in Burma, they mean it, it’s not just a “thought” or “suggestion” like we tend to do sometimes but never follow through.

Sooo….there’s that. I may have to make visiting Asia a habit. We will see where it takes me.

As we were talking (something I have been wanting to write about, but keep forgetting) Josiah’s uncle was walking around the house with a cup of tea (like always) just like Si on Duck Dynasty! It cracks me up. And he is definitely the crazy, funny, quirky uncle just like Si.

Uhhh. I miss Duck Dynasty! Ha Okay…enough complaining.

Ah Dee Che left, then I headed to class. After I returned I went back to Josiah and Phoebe’s home to rest. When I walked in there were people there from the government doing collections and taking census. She looked at me, I could tell she was puzzled, confused, or angry. But I was not completely sure! Kind of made me nervous, but Phoebe was still smiling so I knew it was okay. They asked for my passport and wrote down all the information in it, and that was the end of it. I was expecting to be packing my bags heading to the hotel to stay for the remainder of my trip, but that did not happen, thankfully!

Remember the other day, I said Simon’s wife would make me lunch…yeah she made me fried chicken and french fries!! So so good! She kept calling them potatoes, rather than fries…so that made me feel better about eating so many. In the US, I hardly eat fries, but today is not the day to think about my weight!

Lastly, to wrap up the night we played the circle game again. It is actually called KAZAMI. (ka-zam-mae) Something like that! Then we sat around the guitar and sang. Well they sang! They requested me to sing. Uhhhh. I do not sing unless we are best friends! Ha, but I gave in and promised I would. My “roommate” Ruth and I sang “All or nothing” by o town (throwback!…they are behind on songs). She sang in Myanmar language and I sang in English obviously. Ehh, it went well I suppose however I know I am no Adele. Oh well, they can’t tell if I mess up or not anyhow 🙂