By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar, April 4, 2014

The last couple days have been so chaotic….in a good way!

But the first thing I wanted to tell you was something I have learned this week and it might help you as well.
As much as I want to take all the pictures that I can while I am here, I have noticed that I enjoy the moment a lot more when I leave my camera/phone behind. My attention is not stuck behind the screen trying to CAPTURE the moment digitally but instead I am right there in the moment enjoying every second of it. Of course pictures are meaningful (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like them) but try to spend less time focusing on the picture when you can be part of the movie 🙂

Secondly, I love the sound of my name. It has never sounded so sweet than it does when I hear a familiar voice up the way screaming “teacher Courtney!!” Although I wish they would just call me Courtney. I ask Josiah why they called me “teacher Courtney” and he said it is a form of respect. Yes….I am all about respect…however I want them to know that I came here to be their friend first then their teacher! I will have to try to explain that to them.

GAME NIGHT: I bought two decks of cards, scrabble and bingo. The cards and Bingo were a hit…not so much scrabble Ha. Oh well! We played Bingo for far too long in my opinion, but they loved every minute of it so that is all that matters to me. And for cards…..they had a weird version of Go Fish that was easy to catch onto to. I also showed them my famous card trick….they were quite amazed.

The last two nights we have been practicing….and practicing…..and practicing…for the talent show. We have 18 acts signed up so far (the show is tonight) and still counting I believe. I showed one group a dance to the song “Timber” and now all the kids are wanting me to show them dances to different songs. Not that I have anything better to do, however I am not the best choreographer……But they think I am something amazing….So I go with it.

There is this baby….we have been having a staring contest for the last couple days during church…however she will never come to me. BUT last night I was watching the kids practice their dances and she plopped her chunky butt on my lap and wanted me to paint her nails (She is 2!) so I did. We played for about 1.5 hours, and when her mom came to get her she cried hysterically and wanted me back! Broke my heart, but also made me feel good 🙂 I saw here again today and we continued where we left off. I think we are best friends now.

I am on my way to Zahmis for lunch today…she is making me “spaghetti”…we will see how that goes! Then tonight is the talent show! Wish us luck!