By Courtney Prater, Missionary Intern to Myanmar

This week has not been good for me.  Let me explain why:

(1) I have poison ivy-like symptons from head to toe and I have been given different types of medicine all week that has not helped in the slightest way. I have had to stay in my room for four straight days because any type of sunlight makes it that much worse.

(2) My two “English speaking” friends have been gone.

(3). I am feeling a little homesick!

Yes…I am complaining. Which I am a tad embarrassed about, but I am only human.  But this is all coming to a point….I promise.

This may sound weird because I am serving as a missionary intern.  But if you know me, you know I haven’t always been a Christian. I have NEVER been an atheist either. I just never knew about God. But my prayer life has increased tremendously and I have asked & thanked God for many things. But this week, I have been so irritated to be stuck in my room with only two weeks remaining here with the kids that I didn’t think to pray about it.

BUT I did send an email to a friend asking to help get me through these next two weeks because I was ready to get back because I was so mad with this ivy.

My night was completely turned around. I had a great unexpected night with a friend, and after I walked home, my roommates were waiting for me to teach me a Burmese song. Which was a fail by the way….but we literally laughed until we cried. The language barrier seemed to be absent all night between us. They even filled me in on the latest “couples” from the orphanage and local homes. It was comparable to a sleep over with all my girlfriends in middle school.

This could easily be written off as a great night waiting to happen…or a coincidence…but one of my favorite authors once said “when it comes to God working in my life, I learned to throw the word coincidence out of my vocabulary”

So I am going to go with that. God was listening to my unspoken prayers. God knows me better than I know myself and without me asking…he gave me one great night to make up for this “bad” week and to remind me of the little things.