By Ma Soe, Teacher

Ma Soe (2)Near the Bay of Bengal, on the west coast of Myanmar, lies the village of Sun Taung.  Ma Soe, an Asian Children’s Mission supported teacher, has opened a school in that village.  Her motivation resonates with Christian teachers everywhere, “I want very much to teach my students to become good citizens and good leaders of both the Kingdom of God and our own country. I want to show them that there is always hope for the future.  And I want them to know the truth and the word of God in their hearts.  All I want for them is to get good education and have Jesus in their life,” she says.

Ma Soe and her family have started to build a school house, but they do not have the funds tomasoe's school-1 complete it.  As can be seen in the picture — the building is without walls!  Besides the obvious safety issue, the children get wet during monsoon when the rains come inside.

The cost to complete the building is only $4000.

There is no electricity in the village.  Ma Soe writes, “The prayer request is to have a set of solar, not for my benefit, but to share the light with the children.”  Solar power to the school will make it possible to hold evening classes and meetings.

The cost to install solar power is $500.

Masoe's school-2Many of Ma Soe’s students are being raised by single moms.  Their fathers have died or abandoned their families.   The students’ names are Soe Naing, San New, Aye Naing, Soe Moe, Yi Nu, and Soe Than.   Ma Soe reports, “They are very poor.  Their mothers gather fire wood in the jungle, and trade the wood for rice.  The children also gather fire wood after school. They are not afraid to go to the jungle to find fire wood but they are afraid of winter and monsoon, because their roofs are not secured, they have almost nothing to cover their houses during winter.”

The cost to place a tin roof on these humble bamboo homes is $300 each.

And some children are like this little boy, Maung Tan Soe.  He wears the same clothes every day becaus10967943_10205711332653615_1800916460_n (1)e he only owns a shirt and a pair of shorts.  In the monsoon and winter seasons, he sits by the fire until his clothes dry on his thin little body.

The cost to buy and transport a hundred pound bundle of good used clothing for Maung Tan Soe and others like him in the village is $350.

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